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Their first musical steps we made ​​in a school tambura orchestra in Kutjevo, Croatia. Soon we came upon an idea to found a  women's tambura band, witch we achieved in 2001. The band was called ‘’Girls from the province’’, and our teacher and leader was Robert Vojvodić – Bekrija. Under this name we have performed at the festival ‘’Golden Strings of Slavonia 2003’’ and many other performances throughout Croatia.

Untile 2004, two of the  girls left the band, the same year we have renamed it in Garavuše. The first lineup consists of : Ana Hula, Ana Mitrović, Ivana Ketović, Iva Galić i Ana Galić. In April 2006. another member joined us, Anamarija Jurić, and in June 2010. Ana Hula leaves the band,  and in her place comes Tena Andrijević.

Today's Garavuše lineup :
Tena Andrijević – Prim (Bisernica), back vocals
Ana Mitrović – Contra – Kontra (Bugarija), back vocals
Ivana Ketović – Bass (Berde, Begeš), lead vocal
Iva Galić – ''A'' bass-prim (Brač "A"), back vocals
Ana Galić – ''E'' bass-prim (Brač "E"), back vocals
Anamarija Jurić – Cello - Čelo, back vocals

We have a considerable number of appearances throughout Europe and Croatia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands). We have performed at major festivals of tambura music in Croatia - Golden Strings of Slavonia, Brodfest, Drava and Podravlje songs, and at numerous international festivals abroad. We have performed in many television and radio broadcasts. We are proud of the Croatian Radio and Television for transmitting a filmed a documentary about us called Garavuše. We recorded 20 original songs, and in 2009 we published  our first album called ‘’Memory’’. Tambura ensemble Garavuše operates as a nonprofit public organization with the goal of preserving cultural heritage and promotion of contemporary original and tambura music.Positive feedback and comments we get every day from our fans give us strength and motivation for further progress.

TS Garavuše
M. Gupca 93
34340 Kutjevo
+385 (0)99 / 255 41 60
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